About Us


About Us

Scott Environmental Services, Inc. (Scott) is a technology-driven company offering innovative, cost-effective services that reduce the oil and gas industry’s environmental footprint.  Through superior performance, teamwork, and continuous improvement, our company is changing the industry’s standards of excellence.

Scott specializes in the recycling of oil and gas well waste, having developed proprietary processes designed to allow the recycling of fresh water, saltwater, and oil-based drilled cuttings and heavy mud into a variety of reuses including road and drill pad construction.  Our company maintains important patents that were obtained by our own pioneering employees.



Scott Environmental Services, Inc. provides solidification and stabilization technology and services to the oil and gas industry that are focused on customer site-specific solid waste control.

By concentrating on evidence-supported service results and optimizing our customers’ regulatory compliance, we offer products and services that are reliable and proven.

We are committed to customer satisfaction through our technical leadership in solid drilling waste management, ethical practices, and skilled and knowledgeable employees.