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Scott not only works closely with its customers but also with industry best practice, and research and development groups, as well as academic associations through major universities to create partnerships.

Natural Resource Law Center, University of Colorado
Scott’s solid waste management has been highlighted by this department as a “Best Practice.”

 “We have been working with Scott Environmental for several years and are really encouraged by the direction its technology can lead the industry in reducing its environmental footprint in O&G applications.”

— Dave Burnett
Director of Technology GPRI

“I have worked with Scott in my capacity as an environmental research chemist for almost 15 years.  My role initially was to develop appropriate protocol and develop analytical data that would allow for evaluation of its innovative E&P waste management technologies, specifically the efficacy of its Firmus® and Duro® processes for managing E&P wastes limited by petroleum hydrocarbon, salt and trace metals.  No company I have worked with has spent more time to educate and demonstrate its technology to clients and regulators alike. Their professionalism and ethics are second to none and the success of their processes in managing some very challenging matrices speaks volumes about their engineering capability and workmanship.”

— Dr. Lloyd Deuel, Soil Chemist
Co-Author Soil Remediation for the Petroleum Extraction Industry

“The Intermountain BMP Project highlights the work of Scott because of its innovative and principled approach to waste management in the oil and gas arena. With Scott and our other partners, we take one more step toward reducing the environmental footprint of oil and gas development.”

— Kathryn Mutz
Natural Resources Law Center, University of Colorado Law School