Accounting Of Drill Cuttings Is A Game Changer

April 3, 2017

In the April issue of E&P Victoria Caylor discusses ways to account for the risk and liability associated with drilled cuttings.

Society is always pushing for more consideration and accountability from corporations and the impact their activities have on the environment and local communities. Many companies, especially oil and gas companies, are realizing it is more profitable to be proactive on possible liabilities rather than ignoring what could be a very real and financially devastating event…Continue Reading

Avoiding EPA’s Definition of Sham Recycling

World Oil
March 31,2017

In the Executive Viewpoint for the March issue of World Oil Jeffery Tyson, PE discusses the indicators for sham recycling, as defined by the U.S. EPA.

Oil and gas companies have a lot to consider when running their operations, including how to properly dispose of their wastes, and should ensure that they are aware of possible pitfalls and changes. One of those pitfalls is when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers a company’s treatment of its drilling waste as “sham recycling.”

Exploration and production (E&P) activities produce wastes and by-products. At the federal level, these wastes are governed by the EPA under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). Per current RCRA definitions, E&P wastes such as solid drilling waste (drilling mud and cuttings that are produced from drilling a new wellbore into the subsurface) are exempt from hazardous-waste rules, and are therefore left up to individual states to regulate. Continue Reading

Solid Drilling Waste and Operational Costs




Permian Basin Petroleum Association Magazine
February 1,2017

In the February issue of PBO&G Rodger Keller, PE discusses the operational costs associated with drilled cuttings.

Solid Drilling Waste and Operational Costs

Today, oil and gas prices are at, below, or barely above breakeven costs in the majority of oil and gas play regions. In order to help restore profitability, it is critical for operators to find ways to reduce the cost of each component that contributes to the total cost of a well. Two items that can impact the cost of a well beyond their face value are the disposal of solid drilling waste and the construction of drill pads and lease roads. [Read more…]

Taking a Studied Approach to Drilling Waste

October 3, 2016

In the October issue of E&P Jeffery Tyson, PE discusses the risks and liabilities associated with drilled cuttings.

What is risk? As Leigh Buchanan and Andrew O’Connell put it in the January 2006 issue of the Harvard Business Review, “Risk is an inescapable part of every decision.” Decisions regarding waste management policy in the oil and gas industry are no exception.

Taking a Studied Approach to Drilling Waste

Executive Interview with Scott Environmental Services, Inc.’s President Blake Scott

Oil and Gas Council – Executive Interview
August, 2016

Blake Scott discusses the challenges of the current oil and gas market market and Scott’s differentiation from the competition.

Executive Interview

Drilling in a Competitive Environment

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Christian Goff
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Reduce Costs and Regulatory Liability by Proper Management of Solid Drilling Waste Removal

In the June 2016 issue of Oil & Gas Financial Journal, Blake Scott, president of Scott Environmental Services, Inc., offers insight on how oil and gas operators can reduce costs and regulatory liability by properly managing solid drilling waste removal.

OGFJ focuses on the financial and investment side of the global petroleum industry. Each issue contains a broad spectrum of analysis and in-depth articles on financing, capital availability, mergers & acquisitions, risk management, corporate governance, investor information, the latest industry trends, and shale economics.

Drilling in a Competitive Environment

Scott’s president recognized as a World Oil Innovative Thinker

    Scott established a company that recycles, treats and disposes of drilling waste and drill cuttings, while reducing liability, cost and environmental footprint of its clients. 

World Oil Innovative Thinkers

Drilling Contractor interview

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Alex Endress

Firmus, Duro technologies reduce environmental
footprint of drilling operation

Data from the American Petroleum Institute (API) shows that for every foot drilled in the US, 1.21 bbl of drilling waste is generated. Of that, 50% is solid drilling waste – or mud and cuttings, made up of solids, liquids and other additives. As regulators continue to raise the level of expectations on drilling companies’ management of drilled solids, Scott Environmental Services has launched the Firmus and Duro waste management technologies to address these concerns. These new technologies are able to help the company incorporate specially processed drilling waste into civil engineering structures like roads and drill pads. Watch the video with CEO Blake Scott and DC’s Alex Endress for more information.

Drilling Contractor interview with Blake Scott

Turning Pitfalls into Profits

Featured in Oilfield Technology magazine, Scott Environmental Services, Inc. president J. Blake Scott gives an overview of the changing face of solid drilling waste management programs, and how oil and gas companies can ‘turn pitfalls into profits.’ Oilfield Technology provides global coverage of the upstream oil and gas sector, with keynote articles from major oil and gas companies, financial institutions and industry commentators. Blake was featured in the magazine’s October 2015 issue.

Drilling and production practices in the continental United States have changed dramatically in the last few years.  The expansion of horizontal drilling and multiple well drilling pads has ushered in important changes.  While these changes have resulted in lower costs/bbl and higher estimated recoveries for oil and gas industry operators, they also have brought new challenges for treating solid drilling waste.

Turning Pitfalls into Profit

Platts Global Energy Award Nomination

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Scott Environmental Services, Inc. Nominated for Platts Global Energy Award – Commercial Application of the Year

LONGVIEW, Texas [Sept. 29, 2015] – Scott Environmental Services, Inc. (Scott) was named a Finalist in the prestigious Platts Global Energy Awards in the Commercial Application of the Year category.

The 2015 finalists, chosen from nearly 200 nominees, were announced yesterday by program host Platts, a division of McGraw Hill Financial, a leading global provider of energy, petrochemicals, metals and agriculture information. In its 17th year, Platts Global Energy Awards recognize the exemplary leadership, performance and innovation of some of the most prominent energy-related companies in the world.
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