Technology & Services


Drill Cutting Technology & Solid Drilling Waste Services

Scott uses advanced techniques and patented technology to recycle, treat, and/or dispose of solid drilling waste and drill cuttings. Scott’s products and services are reliable and repeatable, which allow oil and gas operators to optimize regulatory compliance.

Through the application of Scott’s patented technology, oil and gas drilling operations can be conducted in a way that minimizes both cost and environmental impact. Scott operates in the “space between” –  our unique services are mobile and do not interfere with production or drilling.

Scott’s services are evidence-supported, and the technologies have been scientifically proven and are permitted by regulatory agencies responsible for oversight of solid drilling waste including the Railroad Commission of Texas, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, and the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

Scott’s patented and proprietary technologies are the recycling process provided by Firmus® and the onsite treatment and reuse process provided by Duro℠. The Scott-owned Firmus and Duro processes both offer customers site-specific solutions.