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In collaboration with the Environmentally Friendly Drilling Program in the desert near Pecos, Texas, Scott participated in a pilot program with Texas A&M University. The purpose was to address environmental concerns regarding the drilling occurring in the Eagle Ford shale oil and gas development, specifically how the increased traffic is causing significant damage to surface lease roads in the South Texas region.

The successful application of Scott’s technology turned contaminated drilled cuttings into an earth-friendly road surface.

After treating the mud and drilled cuttings waste, including those heavily contaminated, the materials were solidified, stabilized, and made into a durable road that posed no pollution potential.

This research project demonstrated that constructing roads with materials recycled from drilling waste could serve both environmental and economic objectives for the oil and gas industry.

Read the full research paper here.

Pecos Case Study

Pecos road surfaces were treated, compacted, bladed and shaped for a uniform result