Scott Unveils Custom Designed Geophysical Testing Laboratory

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Christian Goff
(512) 745-0627

LONGVIEW, Texas – Scott Environmental Services, Inc., announced today that it has expanded its capabilities by creating a custom, geophysical testing laboratory designed to perform bench-scale testing on its solid drilling waste management processes.

The in-house laboratory developed for performing streamlined treatability studies, i.e., sampling and testing, job design and/or treatment optimization, on projects using the Firmus® and Duro℠ processes, which manage solid drilling waste produced at drill sites, can now be completed within a matter of weeks versus months.

“Having this in-house capability gives Scott’s engineers access to real-time data, allowing them to make adjustments to the treatability technique used for specific situations during processing,” said Blake Scott, president of Scott Environmental Services. “This internal development allows Scott to reduce the time and cost associated with the treatability phase of the process, while also increasing the reliability of the data that is collected. By streamlining what is generally a several month process into a matter of weeks, Scott can now shorten the time that the waste is exposed to the environment, thus reducing risk to both the operator and the community.”

Scott’s breakthrough solidification and stabilization technology is an in-situ remediation field technology that encapsulates contaminants and/or makes them immobile. By preparing mud and cuttings through solidification and stabilization, both Firmus® and Duro℠ processes provide similar benefits, which meet supporting loads and environmental closure criteria. These methods provide safe disposal and also produce materials that can be used in high-quality civil engineering structures, i.e., the roads and drill pads needed on many drill sites.


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